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Collectors of the UNC Herbarium
Information compiled by
Carol Ann McCormick, Assistant Curator, University of North Carolina Herbarium

Donald E. Culwell
(b. 1942 )

The University of North Carolina Herbarium has about a hundred specimens collected by Don Culwell.  Most are from North Carolina, but specimens from South Carolina and Arkansas are also represented.  As NCU’s collection continues to be catalogued, more specimens deposited by Culwell will be found.  Donald Culwell’s spouse, Deborah McBroom Culwell, is a frequent co-collector.

Other herbaria that hold Culwell’s specimens include the University of Central Arkansas (UCAC) and the Mecklenburg County Parks & Recreation Herbarium (UNCC).


Don Culwell 
Photograph courtesy of the South Fork Nature Center


Donald Culwell earned his B.S. degree from Southeast Missouri State University, M.A. in botany from Indiana University, and Ph.D. in botany/plant taxonomy from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.  The title of his 1970 doctoral thesis was, “A taxonomic study of the section Hypericum in the eastern United States.”


Dr. Culwell was a professor at the University of Central Arkansas in Conway for 37 years (1970-2007).  In addition to his teaching duties he was curator of the Herbarium (UCAC) and director of the Jewel E. Moore University of Central Arkansas Nature Reserve.


He was the founding president of the Arkansas Native Plant Society.  He is on the Board of the Gates Rogers Foundation in Clinton, Arkansas, which owns the South Fork Native Plant Preserve, and is a member of the Arkansas Vascular Flora Committee.




Baker, Brent (2007)  Dr. Don Culwell retires.  Claytonia:  Newsletter of the Arkansas Native Plant Society.  27(2):  3.


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