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Sarah "Sadie" Frances Price

Ms. Price was an all-around naturalist whose interests included plants, birds and mollusks. Despite her frail health and lack of formal association with any academic institution, she published many articles on natural history in both the popular press and scientific journals. She was also a gifted artist who illustrated her own publications. Her paintings are in the collections of the Missouri Botanical Garden. Ms. Price’s botanical specimens are found in various herbaria, including the Arnold Arboretum (Harvard University), New York Botanical Garden, Missouri Botanical Garden, Michigan State University, and the University of North Carolina.

Ms. Price was a frequent correspondent of leading botanists of the day, and supplied them with specimens.

Portrait of Sadie F. Price
Picture from The Fern Bullentin 12 (No 1). Jan. 1904

The University of North Carolina has found only a few specimens collected by Sadie Price in our collection, but we hope to find more as the databasing and cataloging proceeds.

More about Sadie Price

Anonymous. (1904) Sarah Frances Price. Fern Bull. 12: 25. [death notice]

Lovell, H. B. (1951) Bibliography of Sarah F. Price, Kentucky naturalist. Trans. Ky. Acad. Sci. 13: 121-128.

Lovell, H. B. (1959) Biographical Sketch of Sadie Price. The Kentucky Warbler 35: 20-37.

Taxa first collected by Sadie Price

Clematis flaccida Small
Lycopodium porophilum Lloyd & Underwood
Polyporus juniperus Von Schrenk (fungus)

Taxa named in honor of Sadie Price

Apios priceana Robinson
B. L. Robinson (1898) A new species of Apios from Kentucky. Botanical Gazette 25 (6): 450- 453.

“The plant here characterized was discovered some years ago in open woods and thickets near Bowling Green, Kentucky, by Miss Sadie F. Price. After noticing it for several seasons its occurrence and peculiar characters, Miss Price, who recognized its genus and believed it to be a new species, sent it to Professor Charles F. Wheeler of Michigan Agricultural College for further examination…Miss Price reports that the species often fail to set fruit. She has observed that the flowers are visited by the butterfly Eudamus tityrus and by both honey bees and bumble bees, the latter appearing to find the nectarines very difficult to access. The accompanying illustration was drawn from life by Miss Price. It is a pleasure to commemorate in the specific name of this noteworthy plant the work of such a careful observer of the Kentucky flora.”

Apios priceana illustration by Sadie Price
From Botanical Gazette 25 (6): 451.

Aster priceae Britton
Man. Fl. N. States (Britton) 960. 1901

Cornus priceae Small
John K. Small (1901) A Kentucky Cornel. Torreya 1: 54.

“Several months since, Miss Sadie F. Price sent me flowering specimens of a Cornus , which she had found growing on river banks near Bowling Green. Later, at my request, she furnished me with fruiting specimens from the same locality. This material is, apparently, not referable to any species thus far described, and may hereafter be known as Cornus priceae.”

Oxalis priceae Small
John K. Small (1898) Bulletin of the Torrey Botanical Club 25: 612.

“Miss Sadie Price, for whom this Oxalis is named, has furnished me with copious material from near Bowling Green, where she has observed this and other interesting species in the field for several years.”

Viola priceana Pollard
Proc. Biol. Soc. Wash. 16: 127. 1903

Selected Publications

Price, S. F. (1890) Songs from the Southland. Illustrated by W. P. Chalomer and H. P Barnes. D. Lathrop & Co., Boston, Mass.

Price, S. F. (1892) Shakespeare’s Twilights. Illustrated by W. P. Chalomer and H. P Barnes. D. Lathrop & Co., Boston, Mass.

Price, S. F. (1893) Flora of Warren County, Kentucky. C. F. Carr, Printer, New London, WI. [31 page leaflet]

Price, S. F. (1893) A rare fern, Asplenium Bradleyi. Garden & Forest 6(262): 99-100.

Price, S. F. (1893) Cave plants. Garden & Forest 6(292): 403.

Price, S. F. (1894) The ferns of Warren County, Kentucky, Part I. Illustrated Kentuckian 2 (11).

Price, S. F. (1894) The ferns of Warren County, Kentucky, Part II. Illustrated Kentuckian 2 (12).

Price, S. F. (1894) The ferns of Warren County, Kentucky, Part III. Illustrated Kentuckian 3 (1).

Price, S. F. (1895) Queer misfortunes of birds. American Naturalist 29 (341): 492.

Price, S. F. (1897) Fern collectors handbook and herbarium. Henry Holt & Co., New York. [72 full-page drawings of ferns of Eastern US drawn by author]

Price, S. F. (1898) Trees and shrubs of Kentucky. Privately printed. [list of 255 woody plants, giving both scientific and common names]

Price, S. F. (1900) The Mollusca of southern Kentucky. The Nautilus 15: 75-79. [list of 151 species with data on locations and abundance]

Price, S. F. (1901) Kentucky folk-lore. Journal of American Folk-lore 14: 30-38. . [local names for plants and birds]

*Price, S. F. (1904) Contribution toward the fern flora of Kentucky. Fern Bull. 12: 65-70.

*Price, S. F. (1904) Bird sketches from southern Kentucky. American Ornithology 4: 146-150 [an account of birds observed on a trip to Warren County]

*Price, S. F. (1904) Kentucky birds. American Ornithology 4: 166-167. [data on 36 species of birds]

*Price, S. F. (1904) Kentucky oaks. Plant World 7: 32-36. [February]

*Price, S. F. (1906) “Perusin’” the “Pennyrile” country. American Botanist 11(4): 78-81. [Dec 1906]

*Price, S. F. (1907) “Perusin’” the “Pennyrile” country. American Botanist 11 (5): 105-112. [Jan 1907]

*published posthumously

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