Liriodendron tulipifera flower

The University of North Carolina
A Department of the North Carolina Botanical Garden


Collectors of the UNC Herbarium

Steven Worth Leonard
b. 1943


B.A. Botany, UNC, 1970

M.S. Botany, UNC, 1973

Graduate Studies in Biological Science
and Geology, Florida State University,

Positions Held

Botanist for the Mississippi Natural Heritage
Programó"Biological Inventory of Camp Shelby
Training Site" (1995-1998).

English Instructor, People's Republic of China
(1987-89 and 1992-94).

Environmental Specialist for the North Carolina
Division of Soil and Water Conservation (1984-1987).

Biological Consultant, Ocean Data Systems, Inc.
and others (1973-1981).

Curator of UNC Herbarium (1968-1971).


Steven W. Leonard

Selected Works

Leonard, S. W. and R. J. Davis. [1982?]. Natural Area Inventory of Pender County, North Carolina. Raleigh: North Carolina Coastal Energy Impact Program, Office of Coastal Management, North Carolina Dept. of Natural Resources and Community Development.

Leonard, S. W. 1987. Fimbristylis purpusilla in North Carolina, USA. Castanea 52(2): 150.


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