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The Mary McKee Felton Herbarium Internship Fund
at the University of North Carolina Herbarium

Dan Meyers and Nutmeg
Dan Meyers is the 2018 Mary McKee Felton Intern
in the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill Herbarium

Dan Meyers, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill class of 2021, is majoring in Quantitative Biology, and minoring in Chemistry & Entrepreneurship.  He is from Holly Springs, Wake County, North Carolina.

During the fall 2017 Dan volunteered in the Herbarium and worked with Herbarium Associate Dr. Van Cotter to identify, label, and index type specimens in Herbarium’s extensive fungal collection.  In January, 2018 he became the Mary McKee Felton Intern, and is continuing to document NCU’s mycological type specimens.  Dan will be presenting a poster about his work at the Mid-Atlantic States Mycological Conference which will be held April 13-14, 2018 at the Saluda Shoals Park Environmental Education Center in Columbia, South Carolina. 

Dan’s interest in mycology was sparked during his junior year of high school when he attended a talk about soil science at Resource Conservation Workshop, an event sponsored by the North Carolina Association of Soil & Water Conservation Districts in conjunction with the NC Division of Soil & Water Conservation, North Carolina State University’s Crop & Soil Science Department, and the Soil & Water Conservation Society Hugh Hammond Bennett Chapter.  “The Resource Conservation Workshop is a weeklong workshop and involves study and hands-on participation in a wide range of conservation topics.  Students are housed at North Carolina State University campus dormitories…[and learn] about natural resources and their management in today’s global environment.”  His mycological interests were reinforced when he found fairy rings of Chlorophyllum molybdites in his backyard in Holly Springs.

Chlorophyllum molybdites in Holly Springs, Wake County, North Carolina

Dan is also the Compost Co-manager for the Carolina Campus Community Garden (CCCB), a program of the North Carolina Botanical Garden.  The CCCG grows vegetables and fruit so that all University of North Carolina employees have access to fresh produce.  CCCG also fosters gardening skills and healthy living for students, staff and faculty of the University.


Friends, classmates and colleagues of Mary McKee Felton (1917 – 2001) are honoring her and her years of service to the herbarium and the university community by establishing an endowment account to fund an internship in the herbarium. This internship supports employment of a student for a semester in the UNC Herbarium. Students may apply or be nominated by faculty and selections will be made by the Herbarium administration. To make a contribution or to obtain more information, please contact Charlotte Jones-Roe, Director for Development at the North Carolina Botanical Garden at 919-962-9458 or by email at jonesroe@email.unc.edu.

If you are interested in applying for the Mary McKee Felton Herbarium Internship, please contact Alan S. Weakley, Herbarium Curator, at (919) 962-0578 or by email at weakley@unc.edu . Any internship candidate should demonstrate keen interest in the flora of the southeastern United States, have good typing skills, and have an interest in learning how to use and curate herbarium specimens.

Mary McKee Felton

Past Mary McKee Felton Interns:

2003: Lisa Giencke
Project: To database and create distribution maps of the ferns and fern allies of the Southeastern United States

2006:  Marylou Kidd
Project:  Annotate, database, and correctly re-file all specimens of Andropogon worldwide according to the most current nomenclature and taxonomic concepts.

2010:  Kristie Wendelberger
Project:  We’ve all heard the adage that “a picture is worth a thousand words.”  Felton Intern Kristie Wendelberger is taking that adage another step, and replacing strings of descriptive text with simple, attractive, informative maps.  She is creating single species occurrence maps to be inserted into the Flora of the Southern & Mid-Atlantic States by Herbarium Curator Dr. Alan Weakley.  She is creating a map for each of the 7,000 species in the Flora.  The information depicted in these maps will quickly provide the reader important details about the species’ presence, abundance, and states as a native or exotic plant.

2011:  Kevan Chuang
Project:  Basics of herbarium curation, focusing on 19th century specimens given to NCU by Jesup Herbarium of Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire.

2012:  Hannah Meeler
Project:  Basics of herbarium curation, focusing on Violaceae of the Southeastern United States.




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