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Herbarium Articles in the North Carolina Botanical Garden Newsletter 2005-2007


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Jan. - Feb. 2007

Fruit Salad by Lisa Giencke (new and unusual plants in Battle Park)

March - April 2007

Battle Park: A Mushroom Mecca by William R. Burk  

May - June 2007:

Collectors Chronicles II: Mordecai E. Hyams (1819-1891) by Carol Ann McCormick

July - Aug. 2007:

no Herbarium column in newsletter

Sept. - Oct. 2007:

The Heartbreak of Psoralea by Carol Ann McCormick (extinct plant specimens in herbaria)

Nov. - Dec. 2007:

Bay Boneset: A New and Very Rare Plant from the Carolinas by Richard LeBlond




Jan. - Feb. 2006:

In Service to Nature...and Music by Carol Ann McCormick (Arundo donax and woodwind reeds)

March - April 2006:

King of the Algal Realm by Carol Ann McCormick (Dr. Max Hommersand and algal taxonomy)

March - April 2006:

 Dr. Massey Receives "Mentor Award for Lifetime Acheivement"

May - June 2006:

Carolina Eyebright and Mr. H.A. Rankin by Alan S. Weakley (Re-discovery of Parnassia caroliniana)

July - August 2006:

A legacy to remember: Al Radford by Alan S. Weakley

Sept. - Oct. 2006:


Nov. - Dec. 2006:

One Flower You'll Never Find in the Herbarium by Carol Ann McCormick (Ice flowers)


Jan. - Feb. 2005:

The Charles T. Mohr Herbarium Internship by Carol Ann McCormick

March - April 2005:

The Ongoing Task of Describing Our Region's Flora by Alan Weakley (Ptilimnium ahlesii & Symphoytrichum rhiannon)

May - June 2005:

Collector Chronicles, Part I by Carol Ann McCormick (Wolfgang Wolf, Haven Wiley, Sadie Price, and Claire Newell

July - Aug. 2005:

North Carolina’s Changing Rare Flora by Alan Weakley (changes to NC's rare & endangered list)

Sept. - Oct. 2005:

Wool-gathering in the Herbarium by Carol Ann McCormick (Harry Ahles' SC wool mill plants)

Nov. - Dec. 2005:

Another Roadside Attraction by Carol Ann McCormick (Platanthera ciliaris in Orange County, NC)

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