Ulmus rubra leaves

The University of North Carolina
A Department of the North Carolina Botanical Garden



Alan S. Weakley, Ph.D.,  Administrative Curator and Curator of Vascular Plants

Carol Ann McCormick, Assistant Curator & Master Control Supervisor

Shanna Oberreiter, Herbarium Assistant

Liane Salgado, Herbarium Assistant

Patricia Gensel, Ph.D. Curator of Fossils & Pollen, UNC-Chapel Hill Biology Department  (PUBLICATIONS)

Max Hommersand, Ph.D., Curator of Algae, UNC-Chapel Hill Biology Department

Patricia Gensel, Ph.D., Robert Peet, Ph.D. and Peter White, Ph.D. Herbarium Advisory Committee

Michael Lee, Flora, Specify, and Carolina Vegetation Survey database administrator  michael.lee@unc.edu

Mark Peifer, Ph.D., Aspiring Curator of Alamance County Plants, UNC-CH Biology Department

Derick Poindexter, Charles T. Mohr Herbarium Intern, 2013

Summer employees, 2013:  William Marinello, Kevan Schoonover, Serene Majid

Herbarium Associates

Henry “Van” Cotter, Ph.D., Consulting Plant Pathologist & Mycologist

Paul Gabrielson, Ph.D., UNC-Chapel Hill Biology Department

Mark Garland, USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service

Douglas Goldman, Ph.D., USDA Resources Conservation Service

Erin Lunsford Jones, NatureServe

Dane Kuppinger, Ph.D., Salem College

Richard LeBlond, Yaupon & Dahoon Inc., Richland, NC

Gerry Moore, Ph.D., USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service

Carl Nordman, NatureServe

Cliff Parks, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus, UNC-Chapel Hill, taxonomy of Theaceae

Gary Perlmutter, North Carolina Division of Air Quality & Graduate student, Dept. of Forestry & Environmental Resources, North Carolina State University

Milo Pyne, NatureServe

Mary Russo, NatureServe

Lindsey Smart, NatureServe

Bruce Sorrie, North Carolina Natural Heritage Program

Judy Teague, NatureServe

Rickie White, NatureServe


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Last Updated: 9 May 2014